Think that you don't have enough time in your day to make art?

Lots of people feel like they're stuck in daily routines that won't allow for time to create. I'll show you how to use even the shortest bits of time, say sets of 5 minutes throughout your day, to prepare, begin, and finish a simple collage-art project.

I bet you've never realized this

Did you know, collage art is perfectly suited to people who have very little time for art? Here's why collage art is ideal for those who have the strong desire to create but are short on time:

  • You can start and stop without fuss -- no need to use up paint or other wet mediums before they dry

  • It's mobile -- You can collage at home, on a lunch break at work, or while traveling

  • Completing even the smallest project will give you the feeling of satisfaction and fulfill that need in you to create

What's in the course

  • How to choose an art project you can complete

  • Ideas on the kind of paper materials to gather

  • An explanation on how to work on guided collage assignments


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